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In addition to obtaining USDA permits, the team at can assist with all other Customs, FDA and USDA compliance requirements for successfully importing to the United States., a project of, assists companies from all over the world with meeting the stringent U.S. and state regulatory standards for foods, beverages, dietary supplements, cosmetics and drugs.  Below are just a few of the many services we provide.

 On Hold Shipments
It is not uncommon for importers to have shipments detained by Customs’ Agriculture Inspectors when they lack the necessary permit and certifications. In those circumstances we obtain the necessary permits from USDA under an expedited process to press for release of the shipment quickly.

Permit Renewal/Amendment
Our team at will obtain annual renewals for your permits, or obtain the necessary amendments whenever there are significant changes to the products or processing. We can answer any of your questions about what is required.

Third Party/Foreign Government Certification
We will help you identify the proper third-party certifications that apply to your product and help you facilitate obtaining your certification.

Letter of No Jurisdiction
We obtain Letters of No Jurisdiction as needed for clients to facilitate importation of products often confused by Customs Agriculture Inspectors as requiring a permit. It also assists in negotiating transactions with new U.S. buyers who may mistakenly believe a permit is required. This letter helps expedite the importation process. 

US Permittee Services
The importer need not be the permit holder (the “Permitee”).  Often U.S. buyers use the fact that they are the Permitee as a way to pressure their foreign suppliers on price. can represent your company as the Permitee improving your ability to negotiate with potential and existing U.S. buyers.

Label Reviews
USDA has strict requirements for the labeling/packaging and advertising for all products under its jurisdiction. Our team will provide a label review of your product that carefully examines each  important detail to assure USDA compliance. can also negotiating with USDA to obtain required label approvals.

Export Certificates
Many foreign governments require USDA or state health certificates for agriculture products exported from the United States.  If you are interested in exporting product from the US, we can help you obtain these certificates from the appropriate US authority.

Expedited Services
Frequently, issues involving import permits are time-sensitive.  Expedited services are available for all of our compliance services.  Simply tell us what you need, and we will help you achieve your goals.

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